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Posted: Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Annastasia Maxwell, Sacajawea Scroll

Wednesday morning, Girls State delegates had the privilege of listening to South Dakota Senator Angie Buhl, chair of the Senate Democratic Caucus. 

By Ben Dunsmoor

March 18, 2012


PIERRE, SD - South Dakota's legislative session officially wraps up Monday when lawmakers return to Pierre to consider two vetoes and finish their final business for the year.

South Dakota's education system was debated in depth this year in the state capitol.

Development funds ensure free trade

May 28, 2012, By Angie Buhl


There’s a time-honored saying that any state legislator knows well: “All politics is local.” It remains true today. As a community, we need to remain focused on what keeps our local economy prosperous and our cities like Sioux Falls safe and secure.

by Jill Johnson

March 26, 2012

South Dakota may be known for it's great places and great faces, but according to a report done by 'iVillage' the state is struggling in a few areas. The website says the Mount Rushmore State isn't exactly welcoming to women. Out the 50 states, South Dakota ranks as the 39th worst state for women.

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