People hear a lot of rhetoric about "big government" versus "small government" from politicians, but there's another approach: responsible government.  That means not just cutting programs blindly, nor does it mean that government can always make everyone happy.  It also means that everyone should have a fair shot at bidding for state contracts, and have information about how those contracts are awarded.  Government should be efficient and responsive, not secretive.

So many issues that come up in Pierre affect children and families, and Angie has worked hard on their behalf.  From supporting initiatives to strengthen education and opposing drastic cuts to making daycares safer to protecting kids from toxic chemicals, Angie has been a leader on a number of issues aimed at protecting today's youth and their families.  

It's hard to turn on the news lately without hearing about the economy, and the urgency to create jobs.  Even with relatively low unemployment, South Dakota ranks among the highest in the nation for the number of families with both parents working, and the number of people who hold two or more jobs.  Working parents need to be able to provide for their families, and Angie has worked hard on innovative programs to encourage people to start their own businesses through the Self Employment Assistance Act, and to protect job seekers from discrimination.  


As the Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce has said, education is a significant component of developing our economy.  Even more than a low tax rate, businesses considering relocating to South Dakota are looking for an educated, skilled workforce, which is why supporting proven education initiatives is so critical.

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